About Nibbana

At Nibbana Institute, Chennai we believe in building a culture that supports consistent evolution both in the personal and the social space. The word Nibbana has been chosen from Pali, an ancient Indian language and implies liberation from past conditioning. Started as a Training Institute in 2004 Nibbana has evolved into an Institute that focuses on Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families and also on Organisational Development for Corporates.

For more than two decades, an ever growing team of like minded people in Nibbana have been focusing on working with Human Consciousness Development in the areas of Self, Self in Relationship and Self in the social setting. In the present context Social Setting refers to place of work or organization and the self in social setting refers to the roles & responsibilities and the relationship between them, that contribute to building an organization.

Nibbana is the brainchild of A Geethan, an engineer by qualification and a psychotherapist and OD consultant by choice. Since 2013 Geethan and Anuradha the two directors at Nibbana has been doing extensive research in adapting internationally acclaimed frameworks and identifying best practices for Organisational Developmental work in collaboration with ISB, Germany. ISB, Germany is a renowned business academy for Organizational Consultancy, Executive education and Management. They have developed models and frameworks with exceptional expertise in consulting and education for over three decades.

Nibbana’s work philosophy in OD work is built on an engagement model rather than a parallel or occasional/ onetime intervention model. The consultants at Nibbana journey along with the organization through their change process and help build a culture aimed at sustainability in the long term. Hence the focus is on deepening the engagement with an organization rather than building clientele list. The service edge that Nibbana team provides organizations is their ability to customize the international frameworks to Indian context and then further customize it to the organizational context.

Nibbana uses S-DOC, the Systemic Dialogic Organizational Change frameworks in working with organization. As there is an emerging need from the client organizations to develop people from within to be skilled in S-DOC framework, an International certification course has been designed and the initial classes will start in Feb 2019.

At Nibbana Institute India, we believe in evolving and building a culture that supports consistent evolution. This, when translated into organizational context strives to provide internal strength within the organization that is sustainable in a dynamic & flexible market.

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