About Nibbana

Started in 2004, the focus of Nibbana Institute for Organisational Development is on Business Coaching, Dialogical Organizational Development and developing Leadership Culture in the Indian context. As an organization Nibbana Institute is committed to integrity, maintaining quality standards and professionalism in the field of Coaching and Organisational Development. Our organizational culture is characterized by professional exchange of knowledge, creativity, lively dialogue and a healthy passion for the work we do.


Our Specialization : Building Learning Culture in Organizations

“Culture is not seen in the balance sheets, but it has great influence in the organizational balance sheet”. - A Geethan

Every organization has its own distinct corporate culture. Culture is made up of the different ways that people communicate with each other, the ways that people lead, the physical environment of workspaces, the ways that organization evaluates its performance, and the methods through which organizational knowledge is managed and shared. Hence, culture of any organization is shaped by all its members, and the products they produce or manage. And in between the products, people and organization are the invisible threads that bind the organization. These invisible threads contain the organization's attitudes, traditions, personal willingness to cooperate, written and unwritten rules about how to deal with one another, how to cooperate with each other, who can be given which job, who can be a distributor etc. In short, the invisible threads hold the key to the corporate culture in the organization.

The invisible threads play an instrumental role in shaping the outcome of decisions and the fruition of the organization's goals. The threads determine and reflect the creativity and flexibility of the organisation when responding to stress in times of crisis.

It is therefore important to understand these invisible strands of binding culture that influence the path of an organization towards its future. No intervention, change or training can produce results if it is not aligned with the culture.

How do it do it?

Weaving Learning Culture:
Here is where we come in. Along with the existing invisible strands, that make up the corporate culture we help weave in a learning culture. A learning culture consists of organizational values, systems and practices that support and encourage both individuals and the organization, in increasing knowledge, competence and performance levels on an ongoing basis. This, in turn, promotes continuous improvement and supports the achievement of business goals, innovation and the ability to deal with change. This learning culture helps employees learn about how the current culture influences their perception, attitude, actions, events and reality of the organization. When employees at various levels (combination of both vertical and horizontal hierarchical positions) learn as a team, they in-turn create a compelling opportunity to update the prevailing culture. A learning culture is a culture of inquiry; an environment in which employees feel safe asking tough questions about the purpose and quality of what they are doing for their clients, themselves, and other stakeholders. We help weave the pursuit of learning is woven into the fabric of organizational life. The combination of existing culture and the learning culture sets an environment for the organization to learn, grow and change with a spirit of competence, in addition to making the organisation flexible and dynamic in its response to the emerging and changing market demands.

Co-creating Learning System and Space:
Along with the leaders in the organization we help in putting together a structured learning methodology for the employees. The coming together of an external consultant and the managers of the organization pave way for a newly constructed learning space that fosters the company's organizational development. This process is done by developing systemic thinking in the organization and enhancing narrative skills among the employees. This new learning system will build a community of workers continuously and collectively seeking improvement through new knowledge, new skills, and new applications. Such development of employees support transfer of both learning and wisdom generated within the organization in a systematic way amongst other employees, departments and various divisions. At Nibbana Institute for Organisational Development we believe learning is a continuum and we encourage organizations to make provision for such learning systems to constantly add value to the organization. Our professionals have pioneered the art of creating a learning space and system to run along-side the working environment of the employees.

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