Why Nibbana

When should you reach us / Call us :

  • When the organization wants to maximize their potential with already existing resources.
  • When discomfort amongst employees are not spoken about and this leads to slowing down of performance.
  • When frequent mistakes leading to delay in deadlines are due to miscommunication and lack of co-ordination.
  • When attrition in a particular level of employees is high.
  • When the organization expects and wants to develop leadership in employees.
  • When the organization wants to develop team culture.
  • When the organization is looking to enhance inter-departmental co-ordination.
  • When the organization wants to align intra-departmental co-ordination.
  • When employees do not seem to take responsibilities.
  • When the organization is setting up a new team or designing a new process.
  • When the organization finds a necessity to bring the planning, designing and the execution teams in tune with each other.
  • When developing a new culture of shared strategy across the organization.
  • To have a free flow of information between top down and bottom up levels.
  • To build a cohesive and constructive reality for shared performance.
  • When the organization is keen on developing a mentoring and coaching culture.


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