The seed for change is within oneself. Nurturing the seed to grow into a plant needs external support

Once there was a coaching need to work with someone who was very good at executing their work but went blank during review calls.

As a part of systemic work, I always coach relevant people in roles together.  Hence, I also invited the Senior Manager who this employee reported to be a part of the coaching context.

I negotiated shared responsibility between the manager and the employee for mutual support. The employee who used to go blank reported that he had this problem since he was a kid. During further dialogue, I sensed that maybe he was also not prepared for the manager’s questions. This was because there was lack of certainty about the time and date of the reviews.

Noticing this, one of the suggestions I proposed was instead of the manager calling for a review, the employee would call on a particular fixed time and report. This brought some relief for the subordinate  because it gave him time to prepare some the required data analysis, and be certain about the date and time .

I also asked both of them to implement this change in the same coaching session. We gave some time for the employee to prepare and then share his report to the manager. When the subordinate was in the leading situation he was much prepared and was able to share his analysis .

What I found next was interesting because the manager asked too many questions without giving time for the subordinate to think, reflect  and answer.

I proposed for the manager to give some time between questions to allow the employee to think along. They planned to practice this for 6 weeks.

When we met after 6 weeks, there was already a change in how well and how comfortably both the manager as well as the subordinate were able to communicate.

Thus while every seed has the inherent vitality to grow, it also needs a supportive environment to grow. Individual change is the exact same.

In S-DOC’s organizational coaching, our systemic approach ensures that the inner potential of people is tapped into and, more importantly, a support system is built for the individual’s development to be sustained.

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