Small Changes Leading to Enormous Impact

What is S-DOC?

S-DOC is an invitation to learn how a soft and gentle facilitation by a leader can result in a stable and sustainable change appropriate to the organization. Facilitation through S-DOC aims at a collective change and can break through rigid patterns and practices that stand in the way of organizational growth. The process of S-DOC helps make collective change through the people in roles of vertical and horizontal line structure of the organization simultaneously towards a specific focus. This program is aimed at making responsible and reasonable change in the working space.

Nibbana’s Vision

Nibbana’s vision is to develop community of Indian professionals in the field of Organizational Development on par with world standards. Join us to be a part of this vision and become a pioneer in this field.

Our Approach

Systemic frameworks as a perspective to understand the complex neural network of an organization to suggest and strategize organizational change

Dialogic as a process to bring people together to see how they are constructing the future of the organization in the present and align collective strength towards appropriate suggested

Coaching and developing leadership system to facilitate organizational change

How S-DOC certification can be a rewarding investment

  • Nibbana Institute, India and isb Germany have developed S-DOC together to suit the Indian context . Professional Coaches and Trainers from isb Germany and Nibbana Institute will be sharing their expertise with participants.
  • Nibbana and isb Germany have decades of experience in making changes in people and people in organizational\business context.
  • A group of experts in the field of organizational change from various parts of the world will answers to key questions of the participants
  • The S-DOC program has been designed to not only teach but also support participants to initiate prototype changes and expand the learning through the prototype organically in their organizations

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