Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development

Dr Bernd Schmid will lead a three day workshop on Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development .This is the first visit of Dr Schmidt to Chennai, India to conduct his workshop.

The workshop will focus on helping each participant understand how to pursue professional excellence in the organizational field. Dr. Bernd Schmid has several years of experience as a learning specialist in organizational context and will present DOD during the three day workshop.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

Business Coaching (BC)

  • Art of connecting individual's self-development with professional career and organizational performance.
  • New systemic concepts and how they change professional identity.

Organizational Coaching (OC)

  • Leadership-Coaching
  • Team-Coaching
  • Coaching approaches to Organizational Development and Change
  • Coaching and the learning in organizations
  • "Coaches are Decathletes" - the art of integrating knowledge of many disciplines for professional and Organizational Development

Dialogic Organizational Development (DOD)

  • The workshop will use classical concepts and tools from a DOD-Mindset
  • Understanding companies as human systems and as a place for cultural encounters
  • Arranging dialogic approaches on responsibilities for performance and human wellbeing
  • Success-factors in DOD

The workshop will be seasoned with :

  • Concepts, professional strategies and training.
  • Aligning personal identity and career.
  • Concepts for entrepreneurship and business.
  • Developing ones own business-case study.
  • Guided imageries.
  • Working with inner images.
  • Narrative approaches for the organizational field.
  • Practical experience through exercises and learning conversations.
  • Many other models developed by Benrd Schmid.

Date Venue Registration Fee Who can attend
16th, 17th & 18th October 2015 GRT Grand, T Nagar, Chennai Rs.50000/- (Tax extra) ➢ Entrepreneurs
➢ Organisational leaders
➢ Business heads
➢ Managing Directors
➢ CEO’s
➢ Professional Coaches
➢ Organizational consultants

Anyone else who is interested in developing their business and is looking to include a learning frame to their current professional practice. This workshop is also for those of you interested in shaping organizational role along with organizational development. The workshop will help you update your understanding of organizational culture and its influence on the organizational health and growth.

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