I am an entrepreneur will this coaching program help me to build my business?

Gaining systemic perspective and developing a culture among employees can help you build your business.

I am a CEO of a corporate will this program suit me?

Very much, Organisational development is one of the key responsibilities of a CEO.

I am working as a functional head, can I Join?

Anyone who wants to build a meaningful work environment can choose S-DOC.

I am working for an organization, can I later become a coach by doing this program?

Yes you can.

I am a house wife, I have work experience but currently not doing a full time work, can I make coaching as my career?

Yes this is most suitable as you can work for few days a month as a coach for organizations or as a freelancer.

I am retired but I have worked for an organization can I become a organizational coach?

Yes, you can use your experience and develop learning space for organization employees to learn and grow.

I am not residing in Chennai, is the course available online?

The course is designed as an experiential learning. We believe in bringing individuals together to personally experience the nuances of facilitation. Infact this is going to be the first step when you practice as a coach – bringing individuals together. Hence, the course will happen at the venue mentioned.

My current work schedule is haphazard. How can I manage the 90% attendance when I travel constantly?

Yes, we understand the challenge. As we progress through the course we can talk through these challenges at each step as and when they emerge and work through alternatives so that you get the best out of the course.

What happens when I miss a session?

Though we hope you wouldn’t have to, in unavoidable circumstances, we do have an option for that too. Most of the sessions are recorded and the learning are accessible in the drive soon after the session.

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