A Covid – story 2050 by A.Geethan

At a regular family time in a pleasant month of June 2050, the grand daughter Soni is asking her grandfather Sam to tell a most important and transformational story that he liked. 

Sam started, “ there was a time since the turn of the 21st century, when we spoke about becoming better version of ourselves as if we were electronic gadgets. we had apps to check how many steps we walked, we debated endlessly on television and fought over communities, caste and culture . We had a family and home but were disconnected. Our attention was on mobiles phones avoiding contact with the fellow humans. We had nuclear power and other great inventions but had lost our human touch. We were running a rat race, measuring every day performances, and becoming like an automated machine. 

This made the grand daughter curious and say “ such a different age,: I feel blessed I was not born at those times. But you and other humans seem to value each other, respect eco system, save natural resources, offer care for children now. How and when did these changes happen? 

Sam nodded and continued “ we continued to live as though we are the masters of universe till the year 2020. That was when we had a devil, an invisible force – a living and non -living entity – a virus named Corona hit us. Many thousands died every day all over the world. The dear ones of the dead could not even say a farewell nor conduct a funeral. Rich or poor the virus attacked uniformly. Though we thought we were ahead in medical advancement, no medicines helped. Imagine how it would have been for “the” masters of the universe, we had nothing to save ourselves but fall on our knees with no hope. The Corona reminded us of the human limitation. We had to depend on the natural wisdom of the body to stay alive. This pain and knowledge of not having any control over nature taught us to live in harmony with nature. To give up competitive \combative life . Find meaning in day to day life . 

Soni was interested and wanted to hear more. She asked “How exactly did the change happen” ? 

Sam smiled and said “we were in a lockdown for 50 days and could not step out of our homes. We learnt to be at home with family, we learnt to share happiness, offered safety to each other, support charged expression of emotions of family members and more important- to value the dignity for all labor. Such changes made individuals more caring and committed . During this period then emerged visionary leaders, honest officials and as community we started believing in three things 

1) every individual will contribute to the community building 2) every community will support variety of individual expressions 3) The individual and community will ensure they respect and build nation they belong to and 

thereby make the world have a human face. 

This made our country the way it is. Beautiful for you all to live and create a good place for the coming generation to experience. 

“Oh it is a great story of change grand pa, I think you should not call the Corona a devil it seems to be teacher which taught hard lessons and brought out the divine capacity of humans “ Soni said with delight 

Sam agreed “ when I turn back and see and 2020, possibly it’s a divine force which saved humanity, made us step out, reflect and change our course of action”. Sam thanked his grand daughter for the new perspective about the lock down and Covid -19 encounter.

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